Culture Inclusive Psychology: The Perspective in Social and Personal Relationship Study in Chinese Cultural Societies

By Sin-Ping Hsu and Kwang-kuo Hwang. Psychology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. During a person's lifetime, cultural traditions may operate psychologically through heuristic processing. Accumulated through time and life experiences, these cultural traditions gradually become thoughts or habits that can be used to handle problems by the majority of the people in a society, which forms a cultural... Continue Reading →


What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

By Pierre Araman Psychodynamic theory is a school of depth psychology encompassing the theories and ideas of famous psychologists and psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Erik Erikson. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on accessing information hidden in the unconscious and utilizing different techniques to reduce psychic tensions. Principally, psychodynamic therapists concentrate on clients’ past... Continue Reading →

Can Social Consciousness Develop Through Transformations In Worldview?

From Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness by Sofia University's Doctorate Program Chair, Marilyn Schlitz, as well as Cassandra Vieten & Elizabeth M. Miller. Each person has his or her own personal story about the nature of reality. Genetic tendencies, religion, culture, and geographic region,together with all the experiences people have both internally... Continue Reading →

Exploring Persistent Non-Symbolic Experiences

Excerpt from Clusters of Individual Experiences form a Contiuum of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experiences in Adults by Jeffrey A. Martin of Sofia University's Transformative Technology Lab Persistent forms of nondual awareness, enlightenment, mystical experience, and so forth (Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience) have been reported since antiquity. Though sporadic research has been performed on them, the research reported... Continue Reading →

Developments in the Neuroscience of Dreams

by Global PhD student, Bryrony Shaw Humans spend roughly one third of their lives in bed sleeping and dreaming. Dreams have been a source of fascination to many philosophers and psychologists. Main purpose of this short review is to explore the history of dreams and the scientists fascinated by them and to discuss developments in... Continue Reading →

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