Remembering Unity, Remembering God. Understanding Sufi Practice by Dr. Robert Frager

Robert Frager, Ph.D., founded the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, where he directs the Master of Education program in Transformative Education. Ordained a Sufi sheikh in 1985, he is president of the Jerrahi Order of California. His books include Sufi Talks: Teachings of an American Sufi Sheikh (Quest Books, 2012), Love Is the... Continue Reading →


Dr. Robert Frager – When The Sufi Talks Heart, Self and Soul

“The core of transpersonal psychology includes the premise that wisdom, creativity, and intuition are essential qualities within each individual. The goal of transformational education is to facilitate our access to our own rich inner resources”- Robert Frager, Ph.D. Founder ITP, Chair META Robert Frager is the founding president of Sofia University. He is the Chair of the Master... Continue Reading →

Aikido and Sofia University: A Perfect Match

Balanced Development of the Whole Person It may seem paradoxical to include martial arts practice as an important aspect to being a therapist, especially when we think of the martial arts, and words such as, "opponent" "defeat", and "against" come to mind. However, Aikido differs from disciplines such as karate, tai chi, and even yoga... Continue Reading →

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