Reflections on the Journey: Becoming An Architect of Change

To move forward and be architects of change, we need to innovate and revolutionize, lead from our hearts and serve with compassion. There is no greater satisfaction than that moment when you realize that all of your papers are complete, those long hours of studying are behind you, and you are about to celebrate your accomplishment of graduating... Continue Reading →


Staying Wild: Connecting with the Women’s Temple as Spiritual Practice

Women’s Temple as a Spiritual Practice by Author Ashleigh Kramer-Walthall, MA, LMHC, PsyD candidate. The Women's Temple is a sanctuary for the feminine where participants resonate with their empowered selves in joy, freedom and desire. Participants gather in circle to awaken Feminine Love & connection. I have been attending Women’s Temple for 2 years now with Dr. Melanie Hernand, who serves... Continue Reading →

New Course with Professors Chopra and Schlitz: Emerging Worldviews

March 27, 2017 How can worldview literacy can be used to help people transform their behaviors, improve relationships, develop effective communication strategies, and enhance lived experience? In this online course with Dr. Marilyn Schlitz with Dr. Deepak Chopra, students will explore the nature of worldviews, introducing the concept of worldview literacy as a pedagogy for examining our beliefs,... Continue Reading →

Self-transcendent experience: A grounded theory study

by Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University alumni Albert Garcia-Romeu, Samuel P Himelstein and Jacob Kaminker The following article shares excerpts from the full study. You may read the study in full at or Sage Publications. What is Self-Transcendence? The term self-transcendence has been used widely in philosophical and psychological literature to refer to... Continue Reading →

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