Embracing the Caregiver – Sofia University Archetype #5

Every university has its audience. Like a magnet, a school can grab your attention based on your subconscious desires you may not even know were important to you.

Sofia University has always attracted those who connect with the Caregiver – often defined by a willingness to help others by providing support, guidance, and unconditional love and compassion.


Caregivers value connection and relationships and make great therapists, counselors, and educators. Our programs are a great fit for individuals who identify with the Caregiver Archetype.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.39.41 AM.png

Check out this article on the Caregiver Archetype and see if it’s a match for you! You can also look at this sample report to see if the description fits.

Then visit our website to learn more about our degree programs. Once you find a program that matches your archetype, contact our Admissions team for more information at admissions@sofia.edu or 1-888-98-SOFIA.


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