Alumna Julie Gohman, PhD Releases 10 Sacred Questions for Every Mother: Stories of Joy, Pain, and Mind-blowing Love.

Julie Gohman graduated from Sofia University in 2014 from the Global PHD program in Transpersonal Psychology. julie.cropped-276x300

Having one book release is always exciting, but now Julie, who has always wanted to be a writer, has released her second book on Amazon titled: 10 Sacred Questions for Every Mother: Stories of Joy, Pain, and Mind-blowing Love.

Julie recognizes that her path and purpose, besides being a loving mother and wife, is dedicated to human growth and development, learning and teaching, and understanding the complex dimensions of human behavior.

10sacredquestionsfor every mother.bookcoverAs a human being, her goal is to be mindful and present, to be loving and kind, and to live with wisdom and grace.  Living wholeheartedly, and with greater consciousness, pushes Julie every day to show up authentically, and with gratitude for all that she has been given.

This book was based on her research about motherhood.

Here is the link to her book on Amazon. 10 Sacred Questions for Every Mother


Julie’s first book, 10 Sacred Questions for Every Woman,was based on the narratives from her doctoral research at Sofia University. Her insights and narratives are shared, along with questions for the reader to engage in  self-inquiry and contemplation.

The book focuses on the journey to discover one’s own sacred presence and answers questions such as What would I do if I were not afraid? How can I find true happiness? What do I need to flourish? What is my soul story?

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