An Alumnus Speaks! The Transpersonal Institute in Wuhan, China

MagdalenaSofia University was pleased to have Dr. Baorui (Magdalena) Lee at the 40th Anniversary Event, August 1st. We were honored to have her speak about her efforts in China with the Transpersonal Institute. Here are her words.


It is an honor for me to be back to my Alma Mater to celebrate this great event!

I graduated from Sofia University now, ITP then, in the year of 2000 and right after that I went to China to work.

This year is the 16th year. So far, I have established the Institute of Humanistic/transpersonal Psychologies in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and other branch institutes in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Henan. I also have held 4 international conferences of transpersonal Psychology.

One particular name I need to mention tonight, that is, Dr. Cyrus Lee, he was my husband and taught at ITP when I studied here who passed away last year. During the last 15 years in China, he was with me for the whole time. Without him, there is no possibility for me to achieve so much. I want people to remember him for his contribution. He was the first person to bring transpersonal psychology into Taiwan as well as China. In the future, I wish more people to join my work in China.

Why China?

Once an American professor asked me “Why you are so eager to bring the transpersonal psychology to China?” I told him, not only China, but to the whole world, because I think Transpersonal is not only a theory or a subject to be studied, it is a life style; Transpersonal is not only a psychology or philosophy but an attitude.

Because of this life style/ attitude, it is possible to achieve the inner balance of a person, of people, and of the world.

Thank you!


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